The infamous "can you do that question?" reached us. It was about a 2017 t/m 2020 Honda TRX450R fuel injected engine. This engine had to be added in the customers current TRX450r ATV.

Our answer? "That's possible. What else would you like?"

Long story short, we completely designed, developed and built this conversion. The entine engine can be assembled with any drastic frame adjustments. The preservation of the original swingarm is a major advantage and very low in cost.

It is possible to re-modify the original engine in case of selling the ATV and the preservation of the orignal swingarm is possible.

Attention! A double exhaust was on request of the customer. This is not possible with an original subframe.

A complete conversion kit contains:

  • All of the engine mounts
  • Modified swingarm bearing sleeves
  • Case bushing
  • 9L tank (2.38 gallon)
  • Chain guids
  • Sprocket spacer

The next parts are not included in the Conversion Kit but we can realize them if nescessary. This includes;

  • Exhaust
  • Radiator
  • Electronic mounts. Original Honda CRF wiring harness needs to be adjusted if it is used in a ATV frame.
  • Intake tube
  • Airbox

A complete conversion is possible on request.