The Gelmersmotorsport Yamaha quad is now a well-known sight in both national and international quad sports. After successful first years with great results, it was time for an update. This resulted in the 2024 model. The 2024 GM450-Y is also once again available to the public.

The 2024 model is made up of a further developed in-house chassis with a geometry devised by Gelmersmotorsport. All acquired knowledge has been reprocessed to make the 2022 chassis even better in terms of fitment and quality. This ensures a light and sharply steering quad. By investing time to get the balance of the frame as optimal as possible, together with the new 2024 Yamaha yz450f engine, a very fast combination has been created on the track.

In order not to stand still in development, we work closely with high-level riders, including: Ricardo Phoelich #94 (NL). A step that has been taken in the optimization of our frame is the use of the production method using a tube laser. This allows all tubes applied to the frame to be laser cut for the best possible fit.

We have carried out intensive testing on the motor performance for our demo model. In close cooperation, the new 2024 Yamaha engine is optimally prepared for use in our quads. A new intake has been developed for more torque at lower rpm and more performance at higher rpm. This results in a very easy and friendly engine character, but also strong enough to compete at the highest level. All this from a 100% original engine. In the search for less noise production, a double exhaust system has been developed that will be available as an option.

In the search for improvement, the rear braking system has also been changed. A solution has been found here by means of a Brembo brake caliper and a new mounting plate. Smaller in size, lighter and better braking properties. Now standard on the 2024 model.

Just like previous models, a GM450-Y 2024 comes standard with high-quality components, including: Reiger suspension (shock absorbers and steering damper), RPM Dominator 2 (rear axle), HEL Performance (steel braided brake lines) and Goldspeed (tires and rims).

Various options to personalize the quad are widely available. This includes: Beringer front brake cylinder, Sticker sets, modified seat, Shock absorber packages (Motorcross, beach racing, etc.), Ceracoating, Carrot ECU, Precision steering damper, 22L endurance tank. The possibilities are endless.


  • Wheelbase: 1270mm
  • Trachwidth: 1270mm
  • Front wheeltravel: 265mm
  • Rear wheeltravel: 270mm
  • Seat to footpeg height:
  • Gewicht: 163kg Droog

Baseprice GM450-Y 2024: €23.900 EX VAT

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For information on the previous model, the 2022 GM450-Y, please see the page below.